Littlepeddler's Marans

Official site of the Littlepeddler's French Black Copper Marans. 
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Welcome and so very glad for the visit.
​My new site will basically become my main site.
It's going to become very resourceful over time. I hope I can offer you many Marans resources. Marans are just a small part of my homestead.
This website is about my Marans and my life as a homesteader. If you are are not interested in my homesteading just by pass the pages. But I promise to cover all aspects of my Marans.
Be sure and come back for I am updating my site on a daily basis
Littlepeddler's Marans
The LP  line of Black Copper Marans  is an all original pure French line gifted to me  in 2010, They have never had any USA line integrated into . I remain diligent to keeping them pure even at the loss of the line.  
Thanks to Monique Berte of France these birds have been a true blessing to me. 
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Here is the 1st place cockerel and Reserve Best of Variety, Reserve Best of Breed ( Pete also Little Peddler Jr.) at the 2016 Ohio National Poultry Show.
Owner: Melanie Nealeigh
 Marans of America Club is the only USA Marans club endorsed by Marans Club of France 
Breeding to the Original  French SCAF Standards
Marans Club Of France
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