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My name is Brenda, and Marans are my passion. I started breeding Marans in early 2008. My passion for them drove me to learn all I could about them. Correct knowledge was hard to come by and some circumstances drove me to the only sources that were willing to educate me, and that was the French.
I guess the passion I had for the Marans intrigued the French, for they ask me that same year to apply for Delegate for the USA for their Club. Course I was honored, being such a newbie to the breed, but then it was explained that this was excatly what they were looking for, A teachable person, with a passion. Guess I came along just at the right time.
So here I am today four years later. Am I an expert with genetics? Not in a long shot. Never have been and never will be.Nor am I an expert about the Marans to this day.  I think I have more of a common sense when it comes to Marans. I am an old school type of breeder and exhibitor.  Back in the 70's when I use to show locally the only thing I knew to look for in the show ring was what the APA SOP stated and made sure my birds were in the best condition possible. I sure didn't do to shabby back then.  If I have questions, I know who I can go to. I have the highest respect for the French when it comes to their breed and will always honor their input.
The Marans Club of France is the authority on the Marans and all breeders whom have the desire to breed true French Marans would love their web site and their forum.

I felt at the end of 2008 there needed to be a source devoted to the French Marans and their education to the public. So I developed Marans of America Club. Single handedly I sought out every one I could find to help me with the web site as far as content. People were more than generous with their information and willing to share it with me for the club's purpose.. I want to thank a few that helped me personally and here is just a few of the names below:
The MOAC web site was developed for educational purposes only. Then people wanted to join such an organization that was devoted to the French Standards of Marans and so I started offering memberships for the support of the club. So apparently there was a true need for it back in 2008 and still today.
MOAC was officially endorsed by the Marans Club of France in early 2009. Today the club site is the largest in the USA for its Marans content with many extra features such as Marans standards, exclusively Premium Pages that consist of articles that has been professionally translated to the English language written by the Commissioners of the Marans Club of France.
MOAC is known worldwide and is referenced on web sites all over the world for its content.
I am a member of the USA club that adheres to the French Standards,
the Marans of America Club.
The only club in the USA, that the Marans Club de France accredits its members for breeding towards the French Standards.
A club supported by its members.
 It should be an honor for the French to offer to work with the Americans on this level and to discard their efforts is a lack of respect and egotistically foolish.
As the Official USA Delegate for the Marans Club de France I will work as hard as I can in the areas that I can to promote the French Standards of Marans.
Now that’s enough of tooting my own horn. Let’s show off a little.


Comment about Marans Mills By Marcia  Rasmussen-MOAC Member-March 1st 2010



I can't tell you how much I appreciated your "Marans Mills?" article in the Marans Club newsletter.


I learned most of what I know about chickens from my grandparents, who had tended a multi-purpose flock since the Depression years, selling eggs and meat birds to the local community. My youngest memories are of spreading the morning scratch and having Grandmother show me, very gently, how to reach under a hen to retrieve a newly-laid egg. It was a wonderful way to grow up, but until recently, I was only exposed to the mass-produced birds available from commercial hatcheries.


All of that changed with the dawn of the Internet. As soon as I began searching on chickens, I fell in love with the Marans. (All the more so, since my family is most decidedly French.) You can probably guess where this is going. I ordered a shipment of cuckoo Marans chicks from McMurray the first year they were offered and I waited expectantly for those fabulous mahogany eggs I had seen on the Internet. I was heartbroken when the first eggs were no darker than my Granddaddy's barred rock eggs. With a little more research, I learned why.


Sadly, many people simply will not care whether the chicks they order from the big hatcheries are true to the Standard or not. BUT, with the Marans, they should, at the very least, care about egg color. If they order "chocolate eggers," as McMurray advertises, they SHOULD care if the egg is only pale brown. I realize there is a lot more to breeding quality stock than getting the egg color right, but at least the Marans has this going for them. If people order chicks expecting them to lay "chocolate" eggs, they should soon realize that something is amiss.


In any case, I appreciate your article. Anything and everything we can do to educate the poultry community about this problem is a step in the right direction. You might consider writing a broader scope article and publishing it for a wider audience. This problem is not unique to the Marans.


Meanwhile, I'm still lovingly breeding the best birds in my McMurray cuckoo line, but it's a more-or-less hopeless battle. I look forward to "starting over" with some of your birds whenever they are available.


Commet form Randi Lynn:


Thank YOU Brenda for always taking the high road and being honest always in your intent and actions!
You know why I got out of the entire Marans "fubar" years ago and why I mostly have stayed mute since. Like you, I say no thank you to the turmoil and backbiting and wonder why in the heck people have to be so darn crazy!
You were one of the only people out of the old group that started out that I even kept in contact with and the reason was because of your integrity and spirit! You wanted the BEST for these birds, first and foremost and you've endured far more abuse than anyone should!
I pray for you to have an awesome rest of the year and that your life is filled with the blessings you deserve and ........
about all this apcray..."This too shall pass!"
Hang in there, and you do have folks that truly care and want the best for you!
Randi Lynn
Psalm 91:4
He will cover you with His feathers. He will shelter you with His wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.


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