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 We NO Longer Have Any Jeane Line Birds Since April 2011!!!
Our birds consist of only Black Coppers Marans. I have never tried to breed any other variety because trust me this variety is complicated enough as it is. I maintain a very small flock and remain diligent with them to correct all flaws I possibly can. It may not make sense to many to keep such a small flock, but I refuse to bring one single bird in on this flock. Many ask why, and I just simply tell them I have yet to find any birds worth bringing in over them. That’s not to say I think our Jeane line are better than anyone else’s, it’s to say I know what they produce.
We have the same birds that I started with four years ago. We have worked to remove flaws we have found in the Jeane line. 
We will strive to maintain the breed type within the breed. Strive to adhere to the French Standards set by the Marans Club of France in accordance with SCAF standards set for Marans.
Our Jeane Line is an old Jeane line. I have removed the mossiness from them due to a Wheaten gene that was introduced to them years ago by the original breeders to enhanced egg color. That’s a whole other story in itself that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans today.  It’s what you do with today’s Jeane lines that matters.
But as USA Delegate for MCF, I get dozens of emails with pictures a month of Jeane line birds. Many are fine. But it is an absolute that you know what a breeder has done or is doing within that line before you buy any of them. Now I am sure this statement won’t win me a popularity vote among Marans breeders, but many of you know me well enough that popularity is one insult I have never suffered.
Oh, back to the birds……
Our Littlepeddler line is just that. It’s not so much as to what they are as to what they’re not.  They are not Jeane, Davis or Presely lines in any form, shape or fashion.  They are Non-USA. They were gifted to me. Now you want to ask. Did I import them?
No... Didn’t have to. Importing birds or eggs from other countries without the proper channels is illegal.
I have a passion for Marans and there’s no doubt about that, but they’re not worth going to jail over.
I feel many will come to their own conclusions on how I obtained them so it really doesn’t make too much sense to try and explain. So we are just going to let the birds speak for themselves.
It is remarkable to see such a difference with them.  The breed type is different, the egg color is outstanding and the size of the eggs will knock you over. So being blessed with them, we hope to some day offer them to the public

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