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LP Line Disclosed Flaws

​​Nothing makes you madder than spending your hard earned money to purchased Marans eggs or chicks just to see them turn out no better than what need to be placed in the cooking pot. I have been there and just not to long ago. 
I do not want any one who entrust in the purchase of LP birds or eggs to think that they are exempt from flaws. LP's is relatively a new blood line of Black Copper Marans here in the USA. Indeed they are pure French and have never had any USA blood introduced into them, but one has to remember that they also need work. Many years of work.
I have gotten some reports of LP's having flaws and I as the breeder of them want to disclose this to all whom are interested in integrating them into their flocks or starting a flock of just LP's. 
I personally do not hatch 100's and 100's of birds a year. If you ask why. I'll tell you that only has it been since 2014 that I have had a chance to actually start breeding them and working out the kinks. I have had them since 2010, but due to my life's circumstances, breeding them was not an option. My LP flock has remained pure and I have never introduced any thing into them. So this causes LP's  gene pool to be very narrow. Due to this you are going to see recessive genes start to appear. Flaws! This takes time to find these genes and remove the birds from the flock. Test mating. It could be helpful to introduce new blood into them from another line, but them you are bringing something in that could have even more problems. I know what I have with LP's. I will continue to breed them and keep them closed. Eventually all will be bred out. In the mean time if you have LP's you are going to have to do the same thing. 
So yes, if you invest into LP's you will be working right along aside me with these kinks or flaws. 
They are not perfect. However you can also get some awesome looking birds from them as well. All marans are a gamble. Yes, you can get birds just like all the pictures you see on this web site...and yes you can get something that looks like crap. 
So you ask why I place such a high value of price on's simple. I don't want everyone to have them. 

The less they are out there, the less they get even more screwed up with breeders who have no idea what they are doing with them. Only experienced breeders of Marans, and there are very few of them here in the US, actually know how to breed marans genetically.  I think I predicted this back in 2008 when they were being accepted into the APA SOP with out being truly ready. Now we are seeing the repercussions of this decision years later. 

That being said...back to LP's
I am starting a album of flaws reported to me from people that have purchased directly from me. I will not disclosed what other breeders of LP's have done  because I have no real idea how they have breed or what they have introduced into them.  But I will disclose what those have purchased from me. 
I will try and explain what we find the best of my ability. If I can't then it goes back to before LP's even made it here to the USA, 
I want to thank all my customers for investing in LP's and hope that we can all work on these birds though the upcoming years to help improve them even better. 
Some flaws and pictures coming soon! 

Vulture Hocks: Gene V  Recessive. Long and stiff feathers on the posterior area of the tibia. Characteristic of Belgian Bearded d'Uccle, Breda, Sultan.
 I have hatched out about three in the whole year of 2015 of  which maybe I hatched 70 eggs in all for the year. This one  is from a set of eggs that were shipped.  I haven't quite got  down who is throwing it but hopefully I will in 2016. 
 Below is a cool pdf file link on a study of rumpless-ness  in  poultry
Mossiness in one small chick. I get chicks with two much color in the breast as well. I'll get pictures from my next hatch. 
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